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nieisha deed


roxbury, Massachusetts

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Mental Illness is highly stigmatize but with the recent increase of black entertainers speaking up about prioritizing their mental health, the stigma is starting to decrease.But now we are facing a new problem, how do we find culturally competent services. This is where PureSpark comes in.We enlisted a wellness matching program that matches people with black wellness providers. Currently the system works like this; wellness seekers open the google doc spreadsheet placing their name, insurance, concern, and preferred type of wellness professional and we do the work to research and find the perfect match. Out of the 160 black men and women who signed up we have been able to match 120 people successfully! Something we are very proud of, so have commented that before PureSpark they were unable to find a therapist with availability.We need to act now. The work that we are doing is saving lives, but we need your help to make a bigger and greater impact. With your grant of we will be able to start creating systems to higher interns majoring in psychology and social to do the research to find more black therapist in the Massachusetts area and act as a liaison between those seeking therapy and the provider.