Pittsfield Tree Watch

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Anthony Barnaba


Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health

Active since:


Grants Received In:

  • 2010

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to preserve Pittsfield trees and encourage tree-planting and to be a stand for the economic, social and environmental benefits of trees such that Pittsfield's urban forest canopy is reconstituted and maintained

Summary of Projects

Pittsfield Tree Watch received a grant in 2010 to match a MA DCR grant to fund the Elm Street Project - the planting of 30 trees along a commercial area in Pittsfield to attract business and increase the city's relationship with nature and health. PTW is an ad hoc citizens group that preserves existing trees and encourages new tree planting and is working towards a Pittsfield urban canopy to be reconstituted and maintained to raise awareness and enhance community prosperity while conserving energy and lowering CO2.