Pipe Line Awareness Network for the Northeast, Inc.

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Katy Eiseman


Cummington, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Some 50 local and regional groups have sprung up over the past year to fight Kinder Morgan's Northeast Energy Direct proposal.  The majority of the day-to-day work involves local outreach to affected landowners, town officials and town residents.  We have just incorporated to better position the movement to engage in legal and regulatory battles.  As stated in our articles of organization, our purpose is “to educate the public about fossil fuel infrastructure and the alternatives; to protect the environment, the climate, health, safety and consumer interests from proposed and existing fossil fuel infrastructure; to study and promote efficiency measures, expansion of programs that manage “peak use” and other, lower impact energy solutions; to engage in legal and regulatory advocacy in connection with fossil fuel infrastructure and alternatives; and to promote, coordinate and assist the activities of other organizations and groups whose purposes are similar.”