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Micaela Porta


New Canaan, Connecticut

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Exposure to chemical lawn pesticides can increase the risk of childhood leukemia by almost 7 times, and is linked to learning disabilities, asthma, fertility problems, and Parkinson's disease, among many others. Children are at greatest risk. Despite these alarming findings, the EPA does not test lawn pesticides for consumer safety; they rely solely on the chemical manufacturer's safety claims. Yet even as chemical manufacturers and lawn care companies are sued for damages and fictitious claims, their products remain on the shelves. Concerned about the alarming health effects linked to pesticides and the failure of the government to protect public health, two New Canaan moms launched Pesticide-Free New Canaan (PFNC) in Fall 2011. PFNC is a grass-roots initiative that raises awareness about the dangers of lawn pesticides and provides practical support for switching to safer, organic alternatives–one lawn at a time.