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Kirill Staklo


New Haven, Connecticut

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Food

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  • PeerPride team member speaks in front of a group of people at an outdoors trans rights community speakout. Behind him is a trans flag colored banner with the words "trans rights are human rights" and a trans flag colored sign that says "defend trans lives".

Our Purpose

PeerPride is an all-trans, mostly-BIPOC group of peer support, crisis and equity specialists. We are working on making it possible for community organizations led by and for marginalized people to establish independent peer support and crisis services without relying on large nonprofits, unsustainable models or inequitable practices. One of our current major projects is the creation of free, secure, anonymous, open-source software that groups can use for peer support without encountering financial barriers or privacy issues.The other major project our team is working on is Trans Haven, a Greater New Haven area oriented resource, peer support and advocacy group run entirely by and for trans people. Trans Haven currently runs support groups, arts events and individual mentoring and advocacy.We offer training and infrastructure building for organizations to launch emotional support and crisis services by and for their own communities from the ground up. We also offer consulting on LGBTQ+, racial, immigrant and disability justice for a broad range of community groups.