Passion For Life

At A Glance


George Gooley


South Portland, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water

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Core volunteers:


  • Ice Fishing Event
  • Hiking
  • Catching Brookies
  • Canoeing
  • Cleaning Brookies

Our Purpose

We get kids off screens, foster an appreciation for nature, introduce them to some really cool outdoor passions, build self-confidence & resiliency, and give them the framework needed for life success. THIS IS OUR MISSION BECAUSE… 
  • Kids are on screens 7 - 9 hours a day!
  • Many kids are overweight, anxious, depressed & even suicidal.
  • Children are carrying this sedentary lifestyle and disconnection with nature into adulthood, creating a troubling national trend for the future of conservation, our economy, and the health & wellness of our communities.
  • The average American is poorly prepared for life success, not having mentors who instill good habits or a framework for success at an early age. We build a foundation for success, instilling confidence, building self-esteem & resiliency, teaching good communication skills, the importance of a routine, and even de-mystifying money management, showing kids how to to build the foundation for life success there as well.