Northeast Biogas Initiative

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Elyssa Serrilli


Amherst, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food
  • Environmental Health

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  • What can you feed a biodigester?

Our Purpose

Northeast Biogas Initiative is a community collaboration for biogas education and the development of simple, affordable, small-scale methane biodigesters. Our mission is to mitigate social injustices and environmental imbalances caused by fossil fuel dependence, while increasing local capacity to be part of a full circle food-waste-fuel-food system. Northeast biogas actively increases small-scale biogas production through strategic partnerships with community partners on the front lines of climate change and agriculture, such as small farms, homesteads, universities, community gardens, co-housing communities, and restaurants. We are based in Massachusetts, where full implementation of biogas will lead to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions. In 2023, Northeast Biogas helped install the Valley's newest digester at Ancient Ponies Farm, thanks to funding from the American Farmland Trust Regenerative Livestock Farming program. Ancient Ponies uses biogas to fuel an outdoor kitchen, and the liquid fertilizer produced to speed up the breakdown of manure and nourish fruit trees. In 2024, we will support UMass students in installing a small-scale digester at another local farm, thanks to the Institute for Diversity Sciences. The seed grant will explore if being involved in student-selected research that creates environmental benefit affect continuation in STEM fields. If you'd like to learn more about biogas, join us for a workshop, webinar or our annual apprenticeship program.