North End Little Pantries

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Joanna Iovino


Hartford, Connecticut

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  • Food
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  • Blessings box installation
  • Community outreach

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to alleviate the impact of the food desert in our neighborhoods by installing little free pantries that can be stocked with non-perishables, bread and fresh produce. We have installed four pantries already using a mutual aid model of “take what you need, leave what you can” and have plans to install a refrigerator soon.This program was started as a way to share resources available in the community. There has always been an informal network of people who have the time and energy to go to food pantries and mobile food distribution sites, who then share the food with neighbors and friends. These pantries allow us to share with more neighbors. There are no papers to fill out, no income standards to meet, and no specific hours of operation.  It is food available 24/7 to anyone who wants it.We hope to expand and install more pantries throughout the North End of Hartford.  We also intend to implement a refrigerator program so that our neighbors can have access to meats, dairy and produce.Eventually we would like to establish at least one location specifically dedicated to plant based and organic foods.Our group also plans and implements community building events, such as our upcoming pizza party, and reaches out to children by handing out coupons for ices in the summer.