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Tenaya Taylor


Hartford, Connecticut

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  • Living Economies
  • Food

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Our Purpose

While employment in the nonprofit sector may seem like a financial sacrifice, whiteness benefits from the social capital gains within the nonprofit sector. This social capital perpetuates white supremacy by putting white people in leadership roles that take away decision-making power from the community and hinder social movements. Because of the power that white people hold in our society, the nonprofit sector in our cities interferes with the people's ability to build trust and harness power. Some organizations are harming instead of helping – due to policing, wealth inequality relative to targeted demographics, and oppressive interpersonal relationships between those in power and marginalized communitiesNAG is Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) response to the exploitation of marginalized communities by those in power, commonly known as poverty pimping. NAG stands to serve as a reminder that the nonprofit sector is one that answers to the people. Nonprofit Accountability Group is creating racial equity by directing resources to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and disabled children and families. We stand to abolish poverty by redistributing resources directly back into communities and by building trust between residents and long standing institutions. We strengthen communities by listening to and amplifying marginalized voices.