No Fracked Gas In Mass

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Rosemary Wessel


Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health

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  • 2019
  • 2018

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Our Purpose

To mobilize and aid communities in Massachusetts to oppose fracked gas pipelines, advocate for alternatives, provide an online clearinghouse of information and templates for action for towns to follow. The initiative we're taking up is an energy efficiency outreach program in Pittsfield, Massachusetts - working door to door and through existing community groups to inform low and middle income communities of energy efficiency and clean energy programs sponsored by the state and get them to take the first step by signing up for a free efficiency assessment.

Summary of Projects

We will expand our community outreach program, Energy Efficient Pittsfield (EE-Pittsfield), by hiring, training, and supporting community associates to engage with their neighbors to help them save money by saving energy. Our outreach will connect our under-served community with state programs such as MassSave and Solar Access, which provide free and reduced cost programs for households to save money by increasing their energy efficiency and transitioning to solar energy. EE-Pittsfield does this by introducing residents to the first step in all these programs - a no-cost energy assessment where professionals conduct a free analysis of the building to see where energy can be saved.Overall, this program decreases reliance on fossil fuels and is a crucial strategy to reduce asthma rates, decrease toxic air pollution, combat the climate crisis, and transition us to a clean energy future.

No Fracked Gas in Mass received a 2018 Grow grant to support a part-time Energy Efficiency Fellow. This fellow adds capacity to the organization to help launch a public outreach campaign called "EE-Pittsfield" in low wealth communities and communities of color. The program is meant to make it possible for residents of Pittsfield to utilize state programs including Mass Save and Solar Access. The fellow would be responsible for outreach, including recruiting volunteers to help canvass residents in Pittsfield and assisting with a pilot campaign in the targeted neighborhoods.