NH PANTHER (Plymouth Area Network To Help End Racism)

At A Glance


Campton, New Hampshire

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Living Economies

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Tax Status:

  • photo of "Redefining Black Excellence" Panel hosted by Diannely Antigua and featuring Black Excellece Fund recipients
  • colorful screenprinted patches drying on a rack and clothesline at BIPOCfest
  • photo of youth from Project STORY with joyful expressions and open mouths as they watch a screenprinting demonstration before their chance to print
  • Ben Bacote and poet laureate Diannely Antigua sit across from each other at a round table, a projection of the event poster for "Love and Resistance" on the wall behind them
  • photo of NH PANTHERS members and their families and Plymouth community members marching on main street after a die-in to raise awareness about the murder of George Floyd.

Our Purpose

Plymouth Area Network To Help End Racism (NH PANTHER) is a small, volunteer-run, grassroots community organization. We are a collective of youth, professionals, educators, mentors, and friends standing up for the rights of all the disparaged and marginalized in our communities.NH PANTHER's mission is to help end racism and systemic biases through community engagement, direct mutual aid, education and curriculum reform, and youth empowerment programming.We stand peacefully within the Democratic principles and rights following the New England tradition of civil public discourse. We stand for representation, recognition, and education of all as we seek to correct historic and current inequities based on race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, gender representation, ability, and age. These inequities exist systematically throughout our country and its institutions, and here, in New Hampshire.We are a platform and a community that seeks to showcase the peaceful youth voices of resistance.  As they resist the silencing that occurs, we offer a community to counter being taken for granted, being ignored, or not being recognized as equal. We seek to show up for youth in solidarity.  We seek to engage our community to reflect love and to show love by investing in the lives of the youth. Our intersectional focus is: Youth-Centric — Equity in Education–Civil Rights–The Arts