Needlepoint Sanctuary of Maine

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Veazie, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies

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  • Cute dormouse takes nap in flower
  • Black rectangular tote containing new syringes, intramuscular narcan, and fentanyl test strips
  • Three Needlepoint organizers sitting on a bench next to a water container in Second Street Park, Bangor. Behind them are seven bags full of items collected from the cleanup which took place in July of 2020.
  • Close up photo of table with "Free Narcan and Needlepoint Sanctuary Of Maine"" written across the top in Pickering Square, Bangor. Placed on top of the table are Needlepoint informational pamphlets, a Bangor-area general resources map, a yellow plastic container filled with instramuscular narcan. An organizer wearing a dark blue coat and light blue mask is seated behind the table.
  • Organizers and friends, some sitting and some standing, under a white canopy and next to two black tables. On top of the table to the right is five boxes of pizza. The other table holds beverages, a box with pipes and straps, containers with mutual aid supplies, and Needlepoint informational pamphlets. A red sharps container sits below the table, next to a black sleeping bag.
  • A group of ten people next to two white tables lined with hot beverages and food, mutual aid and harm reduction supplies at Camp Hope in Bangor, Maine. Next to the tables are totes filled with winter clothing. There is some snow in the background.

Our Purpose

Needlepoint strives to actualize the word “Sanctuary” in the face increasingly ineffective and oppressive policy choices (i.e. The War on Drugs) throughoutMaine communities. Our mission is to reject the status quo and strengthen Maine communities by engaging in solidarity-driven mutual aid efforts, facilitated by both peers and harm reduction allies alike. We collaborate alongside each other to address resource disparities, tangibly alleviate suffering, and affect a long overdue paradigm shift from punishment to support. Needlepoint Sanctuary prioritizes the free provision of food, hygiene supplies, syringe exchange, naloxone supply and training, and programs designed to minimize harm associated with drug use, which have been shown to drastically reduce instances of fatal overdoses in the communities with which we partner.Additionally, we organize park clean ups, offer harm reduction workshops and other educational content (often in artistic forms such as zines, chalk art, and even graphic design), and fundraise to fill other resource gaps where possible. We offer in-person distribution as well as delivery services in Bangor, Portland, and other small rural communities like Dover-Foxcroft and Waterville. We cannot do this work alone, and in fact we thrive in coalition. Our partners include Health Equity Alliance, Food and Medicine, and harm reduction organizations like Maine Access Points and the Church of Safe Injection. We reinforce each other to improve systems.