Needlepoint Sanctuary

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Bangor, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies
  • Food

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to…realize the meaning of the word “Sanctuary” within our community- we seek to carve out spaces of radical resilience, health, and compassion amidst the wasteland of alienation and inequality that is America.  We serve the people of Bangor, Portland, and small rural communities throughout Maine. Our service consists primarily of harm reduction work: syringe exchange, naloxone supply and training, and programs designed to minimize the harms associated with drug use.We engage in broad mutual aid efforts that include provision of food, hygene supplies, and other needed goods for houseless community members and those in general need. There are many specific needs we try to meet, but broadly we want no more suffering for our people, an end to alienation, and the realization of a feeling of safety that so many of our community members have never felt.In recognition that we cannot do this work alone, we are deeply engaged in coalition work with other local organizations. We partner with organizations such as Racial Equity and Justice, Greater Bangor Housing Coalition, and harm reduction organizations such as Maine Access Points and the Church of Safe Injection. These are just a few of our community partners- we'd relish an oppurtunity to discuss these partnerships in more length- if the reader is interested!Finally we organize park clean ups to bring our community together, clean local spaces  and clean up hazardous waste such as syringes.