NECWA New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance

At A Glance


Middleborough, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Land & Water

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Core volunteers:


  • NECWA interns lined up with the marine debris they have cleaned off of a beach on Cape Cod
  • NECWA interns and volunteers pose after an early morning of walking winter beaches, looking for stranded wildlife
  • NECWA interns and staff being taught how to use a marine radio for rescue work
  • From top left clockwise, NECWA's Krill Carson, Dani Marston, Amy Rothenberg, and Helen Granger. Women in STEM!
  • NECWA volunteers rescuing an ocean sunfish that was stranded in Wellfleet Harbor.

Our Purpose

The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) seeks to protect and preserve coastal marine wildlife through collaborative scientific studies. The organization is a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to the stewardship of coastal ecosystems and their protection for future generations. To achieve this goal, NECWA mentors young professionals through various internship programs and engages community members by encouraging involvement in our programs. NECWA works hard to protect environmental ecosystems through educational outeach and engagement of community members. Each person has a role to play and has much to offer if they are provided a voice and a seat at thte table. By including community members and encouraging their participating, they understand the issues and concerns that are facing wildlife found in their backyard. It becomes personal and imperitive to protect the Nature that is around you for you understand and value its presence within your community.