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Jess Rubin


Burlington, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Climate Change & Energy

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate ourselves, each other, and surrounding community in ecological and mycological literacy, specifically with the intention of earth repair, rematriation, environmental justice, food sovereignty, and trophic health.Our overall goals are to:
  • honor Original people (the Abenaki) and relationships on this land in ways which support their sovereignty
  • grow knowledge and skills incorporating fungi and plants to enhance, restore, and heal ecosystems 
  • expand our network of people aware of and involved in this work
  • collaborate with Abenaki, New Americans, margnizalied peoples, grassroot community networks, farmers, neighborhoods, schools, community members, businesses, public institutions, and the state to incorporate these practices across the landscape
  • provide ongoing creative, dynamic, accessible, empowering, inspiring, and effective learning opportunities.
Our work aims to repair damages done by systematic oppression caused by the following assaults on the Original peoples, beings, and earth: land theft, attempted genocide, colonization, slavery, white supremacy, capitalism, industrial revolution, green revolution, habitat fragmentation, overconsumption.We aim to support Original Peoples' homelands, descendants of slavery and migration, pollinator habitat, watershed health, soil fertility, trophic balance, and mycelial networks regenerating resilient justice for all.