Moose Mountain Seed Savers

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Ashley Jacaruso


Milton, New Hampshire

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Living Economies

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Tax Status:

  • Moose Mountain Seed Savers New Hampshire Feb 2022

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower and educate ourselves, fellow gardeners, and the general public in the Eastern Lakes Region to generate, maintain and share seeds. In doing this, we are building local food sovereignty, expanding genetic biodiversity, and deepening authentic community relationships. We are passionate about creating a seed bank/network of regionally adapted, non-genetically modified, open pollinated varieties to share with a multitude of groups within our community. In addition, we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of resilient seed systems, keeping seed in the public domain and breaking away from the monopolization of seed through mega corporations.By creating a community seed saving/sharing network we will keep genetic diveristy and the time honored tradition of seed saving alive while simultaneously nurturing the development of regionally adapted varieties. We will be able to share seeds and skills to help foster those in our community to become self reliant and resilient with accessible free sources of seed and information.