Manos Unidas Cooperative

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Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Living Economies

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Grants Received In:

  • 2009
  • 2008

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  • Madre Jardin
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  • Madre Jardin
  • Madre Jardin
  • Madre Jardin
  • Madre Jardin
  • Madre Jardin
  • Madre Jardin

Our Purpose

We strives to unearth the common strengths of our underheard community through shared bilingual resources empowerment, living arts, popular education, and cooperative economy initiatives.  Working alongside low income, Latino, immigrant, youth, and differently abled community citizens, we are creating culture of “beloved community” (MLK, Jr.) while crossing borders of race, class, culture, language, ability and creed hand in hand. 

Summary of Projects

In 2008 and 2009, Manos Unidas received funding to develop the "Earth in Our Hands" workshops for children, youth, and families that seek to instill earth-centered values, hands-on sustainable agriculture teaching, and community interconnections across race and class lines. The workshops are part of an Ethnic Urban Community Garden Project called "Mother Garden"/"Madre Jardin" that seeks to revalue local agriculture in an urban setting and reconnect us to our collective ecological and ethnic roots.