Manchester Community Action Coalition

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Kya Roumimper


Boston, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to…MCAC is a living organization that provides a safe space for the marginalized (Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, POC, Disability, LGBTQUIA+) community in Manchester to discuss, share, and discover needs within the community. We are committed to advocating, researching, referring, and taking action to directly address the concerns/issues currently affecting our community. Our vision is that people of color in Manchester, particularly our BIPOC youth,  will have equal opportunity and representation in community and civic matters. Over time, we hope that communities of color will experience stronger family ties, children will be encouraged to achieve / succeed, and families of color will have equal social and economic opportunities. So that the City of Manchester will have a more diverse, welcoming community that fully integrates all residents and builds a strong social fabric.