Maine Youth Action

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Cole Cochrane


Saco, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water

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Our Purpose

The group's mission is to fight for bold, equitable, and intersectional climate policy in Maine on a state and municipal level through youth voice, power, and action.All of our positions are held by young Mainers, and we provide internships and short-term session-related positions for individuals looking to gain experience and get involved with the Maine State Legislature. We also share current issues, educational materials, and ways to get involved via our website and social media platforms. We educate and work with youth volunteers, and further establish our organization to be more equipped and involved in climate action and other intersectional issues across the state. We are developing collaborative conversations as an active member of the greater environmental community in Maine by being part of the MYCJ, MCAN, and EPC coalitions, which allows youth to be critical stakeholders in relevant conversations. We have so far been able to provide an impactful youth voice within these coalitions; for example, we successfully advocated for the Pine Tree Amendment, a constitutional amendment to a healthy environment, to be an EPC priority 2 years in a row.Goals:
  • Pass bold climate policy
  • Provide Maine youth opportunities to get involved with climate action and Maine's local and state governments
  • Have our voices heard in administrations across the state 
  • Promote climate champions
  • Mobilize and empower a youth-led climate movement through legislative and political means