Maine Foodscapes

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Ali Mediate


Windham, Maine

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Our Purpose

The Maine Foodscapes mission is to improve community food security and well-being throughout Southern Maine. Through our Foodscapes Garden Project (FGP), we install home and community raised-bed vegetable gardens across Southern Maine, connecting Mainers experiencing low income with the resources and knowledge needed to start growing their own food. Each Spring, we install raised-bed vegetable gardens across Cumberland, Oxford, York, & Androscoggin counties through the FGP. We partner with families to build raised-bed vegetable gardens at their homes & offer ongoing gardening mentorship. We also partner with local organizations serving clients vulnerable to food insecurity to build on-site community vegetable gardens. Each FGP garden includes up to three 4x8 raised beds, filled with high quality compost/soil and accompanied by organic seeds & seedlings to begin the growing season.We are doing this work because we believe that this creative approach to building food security (building free vegetable gardens) will contribute to creating healthier and more connected, resilient communities where fewer people experience vulnerabilities and food insecurity. We believe this type of community-based work will promote self-empowerment and efficacy, as well as positive behavior change toward more healthful and sustainable lifestyles.