Lowell Litter Krewe

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Brad Buitenhuys


Lowell, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food

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  • Operation Rosebud volunteer shoveling snow
  • Operation Rosebud volunteer shoveling snow
  • Operation Rosebud volunteer shoveling snow

Our Purpose

Our mission at Lowell Litter Krewe is to create and support volunteer opportunities in the City of Lowell, focusing on development of under-utilized open spaces. We are forming a volunteer response team able to tackle large-scale renovation projects, reducing labor costs by sharing our hands. Lowell Litter Krewe will utilize the massive community support we have already seen to propagate community involvement, address the systemic issue of littering and transform Lowell into a city that truly believes in its ability to be the unique, resource-filled, beautiful city we know it can be. Currently, we are working on trash removal in order to clean the city before we start development, but Lowell Litter Krewe is not a trash removal company. Our volunteer events provide an opportunity for the residents of our city who want to beautify our neighborhoods, drive policy change to make sure that the effort is sustained, and foster optimism in our community that together we can restore and enhance the natural beauty of our home. During winter months Lowell Litter Krewe coordinates with the Lowell Senior Center to provide snow shoveling to seniors and others through Operation Rosebud. This also enables our volunteers to stay connected to each other and the community when environmental clean ups are limited by the winter weather.