Lowell City of Learning

At A Glance


Lowell, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food
  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Living Economies

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  • Lowell City of Learning banner.
  • Atlantic Currents--A Lowell City of Learning event

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop and promote Lowell as a “City of Learning”.  Across the city, opportunties and activities for lifelong learning, skills development, and the joy of exploring new ideas and activities are alive and well. The Lowell City of Learning partnership strives to amplify these opportunities and strengthen the network of institutions, agencies, groups, and organizations that offers them.  Developing Lowell's image as a City of Learning promotes community engagement, long-term sustainability, economic development, resiliency, and the City's national and global image as a place where education, in all its forms, is the key to a successful, vibrant, and equitable community.  [If and when the US rejoins UNESCO, we also hope to have Lowell become the first UNESCO-recognized Learning City in North America.]We want to grow the Lowell City of Learning movement to (1) more directly focus on and engage Lowell's neighborhoods and (2) include a “sustainability track” within our annual Lowell Learning Festivals.