Living With Peace International

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Djima Ainan


Lewiston, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Food
  • Environmental Health

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  • our children are so wise
  • Living With Peace Intl COVID 19 Info Outreach
  • Living With Peace Intl aiding immigrants to get the shot!

Our Purpose

Our purpose includes:
  • Helping immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers acculturate, integrate, and assimilate by informing immigrants about common problems or conditions that potentially interfere with their enjoyment of life
  • Serving as a focal point for communications among community leaders and government officials in order to improve the conditions of their lives
  • Organizing immigrants and coordinating activities to help them bring positive change to their lives, especially on behalf of youth, seniors, the disabled, widows and single mothers, new parents, students
  • Bridging the divide over particular issues or concerns and finding solutions to cross-cultural gaps among communities of people living in our neighborhoods, including affordable housing, home life activities, fitness and nutrition, educational attainment, conditions of life and sustainable employment
  • Building sustainable capacity among young, emerging leaders and forming new, neighborhood-based bonds of civic engagement for immigrants
  • Developing community resources by helping neighborhood groups work together for positive changes for their residents
  • Supporting the common voice of immigrant residents, and their ability to organize and communicate to effectively be heard by officials and representatives of government, the business community, the health care industry, institutions of education, social services & economic development organizations.