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Janice Falconer


Providence, Rhode Island

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  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Since 2019, we have provided underprivileged residents with education in real estate, homeownership, and entrepreneurship. Our next primary goal is eradicating homelessness and the perpetual use and reliance on government funding for housing assistance in Rhode Island by providing a sustainable and intelligent path to affordable housing. Our Homeless to Housing program will consist of both transitional housing units and affordable housing apartments. The program will look at taking residents experiencing housing instability from temporary housing with wrap-around services to living independently in a rented apartment. The services for our transitional residents will consist of enrollment in our real estate and financial education courses. Simultaneously, they will work with mental health professionals to treat any psychological issues.Overall, our goal is to increase participants' self-sufficiency and their ability to affect the local economy positively. We also believe educating participants in real estate, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy will inspire them to develop a higher standard of living. IMPACT RI's Street Team will provide the passion for influencing change by creating awareness for RI residents about our education and training services. In addition, we will conduct pop-up surveys and temperature checks, assessing community needs. Finally, we will continue to provide solutions that will make a long-lasting impact using data-driven models!