Housing and Climate Justice for Acton

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Danny Factor


Acton, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health

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  • A member of Housing and Climate Justice for Acton holds a sign that says "EV Charging for All" at a picnic outside Acton's annual Town Meeting in May 2022.
  • Members of Housing and Climate Justice for Acton hold a Stand Out to raise awareness of the need for a Renter Advocate
  • Two members of Housing and Climate Justice for Acton present the group's EV Charging for All item at Acton's Town Meeting in May 2022.
  • Members of Housing and Climate Justice for Acton hold signs and banners as part of a renters rights Stand Out in March 2022.
  • Members of Housing and Climate Justice for Acton marched to Town Hall in May 2022 and attended a Select Board meeting in order to get the Town to include housing stabilization services in its goals.  Several weeks later, the Select Board created a set of goals that include offering housing stabilization services..

Our Purpose

HCJA supports apartment and condo residents in creating solutions to the housing emergency and climate emergency. We are a membership based organization of Acton’s renters and condo residents – one in four residents of Acton – and supporters. We represent more than 100 community members. We organize because we are struggling in apartments with no lights. There is mold in our bathrooms and broken pipes have repeatedly flooded our belongings. We don’t have a working stove, or the heat makes noise the whole night. Our electric bills are too high because our buildings aren’t insulated and our appliances are many years old. We are threatened with evictions unfairly. We are denied access to the same sustainability opportunities that single family homeowners have. We are burdened by environmental health hazards like fumes from idling retail and grocery delivery trucks. Many of the problems we face are linked to climate change: storms and heavy snowfalls create flooding, which creates mold. Heat waves and cold snaps increase our utility bills in uninsulated buildings.We are working to create climate solutions that benefit renters and condo residents through EV charging access for all and weatherization. For the past year, we’ve led a campaign to get the Town to provide housing stabilization services to renters. We also support tenants committees that are organizing to address hazardous housing conditions in Acton apartment complexes.