Home City Grows!

At A Glance


Carol Soules


Springfield, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health

Active since:


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Core volunteers:


  • Residents grow food and community
  • Urban residents grow food and develop skills for their future

Our Purpose

Home City Grows inspires participants to make healthy and ecologically sound choices in their garden and in their life. It builds up community leaders, advances food sovereignty, shifts the way residents think and live toward ways that are healthy for them and good for the planet. The program focuses around community gardens and increases the availability organic fresh food for low-income residents at HCDI properties. The residents identify as 73% Latino & 26% Black and are 95% low income (80% are very low income). Integral to the project is working together to identify group and personal goals, to build on their strengths and create healthy futures.  Home City Grows is expanding the work to Liberty Hill Townhouses, an HCDI property that is adjacent to a highway, in a food desert in the urban core of Springfield. The project has begun to engage participants from Liberty Hill Townhouses (LHT) oferring opportunities similar to the 6-year old Tapley Garden project. In addition, LHT has existing programs with which Liberty Hill Grows connects to further life changing engagement, such as the HUD Family Self Sufficiency program (FSS) and Youth Leadership Club. The project engages participants in activities such as planning, budgeting, team work, community building, basic carpentry and entrepreneurship which build a wide range of skills as well as the self-efficacy skills needed for residents to build on their strengths and create healthy futures.