Higuayagua Taino People of the Caribbean Organization

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Desiree Vargas


Madison, Connecticut

Primary Issue Area:

  • Land & Water

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  • Higuayagua Caribeña Taino

Our Purpose

Who We Are:Higuayagua Caribeña Taino is an Indigenous educational and cultural community. Our mission is to strengthen and nurture the Taíno people through cultural preservation, rematriation, traditional living, community building, and education. Through cultural continuation we are preparing our people to steward our ancestral lands and lifeways traditionally. Cultural continuation will give our people traditional ecological knowledge in regard to protecting the land and water. Our crowdfunding over the years has supported Higuayagua in our efforts to respond to hurricane disaster reliefs, COVID 19 relief, and economic relief for our members. In addition, our funding efforts have gone to cultural programs. Our goal is to build a stronger community through our cultural programs so that we can pass down our beautiful way of life to future generations. We are our ancestors’ greatest dream and we hope to carry on their legacy despite colonialism continuing to try erasingus. We are still here but cannot do this work without the funding to properly develop these cultural programs. We are doing groundbreaking work reconstructing the Taíno language and preparing the next generation of leaders within our community. Please consider being a part of history by supporting this incredibly important work.