Grow to Consume

At A Glance


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies

Active since:


Tax Status:

  • American Freedmen Block Party

Our Purpose

Our mission is to close the racial grow gap as part of repairing harm from systems of oppression born out of colonialism in the United States. Established since 2021, Grow to Consume is the first reparatory justice program within Massachusetts. We provide services to American Freedmen, surviving descendants of chattel slavery, as well as all those harmed by the racial caste system within the U.S. Grow to Consume is a member based program where grow mentors are matched with grow learners creating an interpendent culture based community. 'It Takes A Village' is how we grow. All members identify as reparationists and have access to a multitude of supporting tools including access to our Reparationist Club and Growers Resource Library.