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Zaida Govan


Indian Orchard, MA, Massachusetts

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  • Food
  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

Grow IO's purpose is to bring the community together in an effort to ensure a thriving community and a good quality of life. Our approach is to build collective strategies to help people meet their needs - for fresh healthy food, for physical and mental health, for stronger social connections. In other words, to thrive. We recognize that a healthy environment is critical and integrating a regenerative approach throughout is core to all of this work.Grow IO has two main areas of focus: 1) Food: collective strategies to grow, prepare, preserve,  enjoy and have access to fresh, healthy, local, organic food. Strategies/programs include building out home and community gardens, senior and community food panties, a mobile market, workshops on growing organically, permaculture, healthy food preparation and preservation, and food festivals.2) Wellness (beyond food) include body, mind and social connections. Strategies/programs include activities such as chess/yoga in the park, soccer clinics, workshops on de-stressing, connecting with nature, and building a sense of community through mutual aid and social events.