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Our purpose is to…For more than 19 years, the Food Pantry at Grant Manor Tenants’ Association has been a continuing source of nutrition for many families in the Greater Boston area.    Unfortunately, in a time of economic collapse, the need for donations of good food has grown significantly.  Among those least able to physically journey to obtain food are shut-ins.   They are often among the most elderly of our neighbors.  This proposal addresses their need for healthy food.Recently, a recipient of a box delivered by one of the RPC volunteers wrote the following note:  You are an angel to us all!  I was touched that you lunged a heavy box of fabulous food to us today and hope you are not too sore.  I am gratefuful to be remembered and we welcome the bounty.  I'll share what I can't use.We all pray that this pandemic will not last.   In the meantime, however, those who are home-bound are in need of healthy food. Your grant would help to facilitate those deliveries.