Grace Community Church Food Pantries

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Rochester, New Hampshire

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reduce the rate of food insecurity in our area.  Strafford County has a large homeless population, as well as a considerable amount of folks that are suffering from food insecurity.  Some individuals are living on a fixed income and are just unable to keep up with the rising cost of inflation, despite assistance from SNAP and other local agencies.  Others have endured temporary set backs that have thrown what is usually achievable into disarray.  COVID-19 changed the ways in which families were functioning, and despite the world returning to “normal”, some families have struggled to do so.  In some cases, two parent households are now trying to make ends meet with one income, and this is creating a large problem.  We continue to attempt to reduce that problem by providing groceries from our pantries and fresh produce from our garden in order to ensure that no family in our community needs to go hungry.