Friends of the Codman Square Branch Library

At A Glance


Dorchester, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food

Active since:


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Core volunteers:


  • flower art
  • Building Our Garden
  • Racquet Art
  • Quilt Show
  • youth garden boxes
  • Shovels and Compost
  • Perennial Flower Seed Bombs
  • Marigolds and Day of the Dead Bread

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help our local library branch fulfill its role as a civic institution in Dorchester. Since 1988, we have organized a range of programs and activities that help to make our local library branch welcoming and inclusive to long-term as well as newer community residents. We encourage increased use of the library through outreach to the full diversity of people in the community, relying on the support and partnership of many other community stakeholders and neighbor groups that use the library facilities for their monthly gatherings.  A major focus of the extracurricular programming that we have developed over the years has focused on food access and food security.  These various programs are complimentary and have helped to educate, provide leisure, and help feed program participants and community residents.   Photos available in facebook.