Food for Maine’s Future

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Bob St.Peter


Sedgwick, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food

Active since:


Grants Received In:

  • 2008
  • 2005
  • 2004

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Our Purpose

to build a just, secure, sustainable, and democratic food system to the benefit of Maine farmers, fishers, their communities, and the environment. The core work of Food for Maine's Future is addressing the need for democracy and social justice at all levels of the food system, from localizing production and distribution decisions to eliminating the WTO and the corporate patenting of seeds. We are working to preserve local food cultures, support family and peasant-based production, insure equitable distribution of healthy food, and support the civil rights, health, and security of all people.

Summary of Projects

The group received a grant in 2008 for volunteer stipends to be a resource for communities looking to start local food policy councils, eat local groups, community gardens, etc.

The group received a grant in 2005 to to work with towns for resolutions for GE Free Zones.

In 2004, then GE Free Maine, received its first NEGEF grant to get farmers and other growers to sign GE Free pledges and to do outreach town by town in order to build momentum.