Finca Luna Búho

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Cheshire, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies
  • Land & Water

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Our Purpose

Finca Luna Búho is a collective land project on unceded Mohican land in the so-called northern Berkshires. In 2007 we began this land collective to create a rural place of refuge and education that centers (im)migrant, BIPOC, queer, poor and disabled communities. We offer space for meetings, classes, justice organizing, farming and mutual/intimate land and nature connection. Finca Luna Búho is to be a place where people can seek safety and inspiration, creatively grow and collaborate for community resilience.  Our work is centered around providing both the services and the physical space to support marginalized communities in the northern Berkshires.. As Indigenous people who have been removed from their land and culture, as Indigenous immigrants that have come to the US from places deeply affected by US imperialism, as transracial adoptees and other lived experiences that have separated us from land and nature, access isn’t the only need. There is a fundamental need to feel at ease, heal, learn, share; to create a sense of home in a manner that is deeply rooted within the community, while holding space for the beauty and tending of our own cultures and experiences.