FAM's Food Access Committee

At A Glance


Jack McKay


Brewer, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food

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  • Adults and children planting seedlings in a raised garden bed.
  • A woman wearing a mask and holding a flyer, standing in front of a table full of food.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to build a powerful, cohesive food justice team led by our working class and food insecure members, which provides real, meaningful opportunities for members from all communities to share skills and knowledge, and engage in building a healthy, just, local food-driven food system in our region. We believe this can be accomplished by continuing to:  build an educational component more deeply into our covid solidarity work, re-envision our greenhouse as a teaching component, by further integrating our regional food council into our food justice programming, and by expanding our Solidarity Harvest committee. We have learned in previous years that in order to engage all our diverse membership in this work we must create many avenues for doing so. We are seeking to do this in a way that keeps our food insecure members at the helm, and provides more sustainable, year round engagement for all of our members.