Family Leadership Center

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Meriden, Connecticut

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies

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Tax Status:

  • PLTI Graduation 2022

Our Purpose

We're currently working on creating more civic engagement within our community. Where we provide a toolkit to parents so that they can become better advocates for their children and the community. We bring people to the table who normally are not at the table. The Leadership initiatives have these goals: Help parents become the leaders they would like to be for children and families; Expand the capacity of parents as change agents for children & families; Develop communities of parents within regions of the state that will support one another in skills development and successful parent action for children; Facilitate systems change for parental involvement with increased utilization of parents in policy and process decisions, and Increase parent-child interactions and improve child outcomes through parent involvement. Parents are offered leadership training that includes: Retreat to develop group communication; classes on self & perception of leadership; and  practicing democracy skills;  A community project based upon the student’s personal passions. The course ends with local graduation & statewide graduation where participants receive citations from the Sec. of State.