Epsilon Spires

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Jamie Mohr


Brattleboro, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food
  • Environmental Health
  • Land & Water
  • Living Economies

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  • An exhibit by Lauren Pakradooni in the Epsilon Spires gallery
  • Fourth of July festivities in the Backlot Cinema
  • The Backlot Cinema, Epsilon Spires' socially-distanced outdoor move theater for the community
  • A member of the ArtLords painting the High Street Mural, organized by Epsilon Spires
  • Projection in the sanctuary of Epsilon Spires
  • Exhibit by Lydia Kern in the Epsilon Spires gallery
  • American Sign Language demonstration during Drag Queen Story Hour at Epsilon Spires
  • Community workshop on surrealist games at Epsilon Spires
  • Performers during the 2022 Multidisciplinary Artist Salon at Epsilon Spires
  • Community dinner exploring sustainable food production

Our Purpose

Epsilon Spires is a nonprofit organization illuminating the relationships between creative arts, natural sciences, social equality, and sustainability using multimedia platforms. Since opening in 2019, Epsilon Spires has served as a center of communication, bringing cutting-edge work by artists, educators, and activists from around the world into conversation with the vibrant community in our rural region of Vermont. We have provided space to engage in experimentation and innovation through over 200 performances, art exhibits, lectures, film screenings, panel discussions, and interactive workshops that take place in our gallery and two performance spaces, and our renovated studios currently support 17 local artists working in a variety of disciplines. Our curatorial vision seeks to amplify the voices of those working intersectionally between art, the environment, and social justice issues; those on the fringes of conventional art practices; and those who have been traditionally excluded from representation in mainstream cultural institutions. We strive to bring diverse cultural experiences that highlight marginalized voices and underrepresented perspectives to our region, and to create opportunities for these voices to guide the conversation.