East Windsor American Heritage River Commission

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Barbara Sherman


Broad Brook, Connecticut

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  • Land & Water

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Our Purpose

Our PurposeOur purpose is to maintain and enhance the trails we've developed in the East Windsor section of the Scantic River State Park.  When organized we were charged to bring recreation ideas to the town people.  We attained blueway status by our efforts to open the river to paddling and greenway status with our trail work.   Those trails are now marked, with bridges built over small streams and mudwalks placed in swampy areas.   We started as 'river' people but the river is only usable part of the year because of temperature and river depth due to too much or too little rain.    So we turned our attention to the land, because rain or shine, hot or cold you can traverse the trails.  We have worked diligently to keep the trails maintained for the use and enjoyment of a variety of people, young to older, hardcore hikers to leisure strollers.   The recent Covid outbreak made outdoor activity more important as other means of entertainment were shut down.  We have birdwatchers, Scout troops, family groups, mountain bikers, snowshoers and cross country skiers, as well as just plan walkers on the trails.  For each of them there is something to enjoy.   Our goal is to make the use of the trails as pleasant as possible, and as safe as we can.   The benches would provide spots to observe the river and its surroundings and provide relief for tired travelers.