Donna Oblongata LLC

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Donna Sellinger


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food
  • Land & Water
  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

I'm a theater artist whose work is an ongoing experiment in anti-capitalist, utopian structures and prefiguring a more desirable and cooperative world.My work is deeply grounded in community engagement, and using live performance to tell stories that uplift and encourage bold action by regular folks who want to create change.Organizers know that visual spectacle is key to helping actions and movements amplify their message and attract attention. Performance and spectacle are spaces to imagine and practice how our communities and relationships might be different. Additionally, art and performance are often crucial entry points for people curious about movements and activism. Particularly as we come out of the pandemic, people are seeking out unique experiences that allow them to explore other worlds and ways of being.My work tells compelling stories of grassroots movements and actions, with direct input from folks who've been on the frontlines. By bringing performance to non-traditional spaces, I also meet audiences where they're at– literally. Though meticulously crafted, my work is also rooted in the vernacular: the songs are singable, the characters talk like real people, and there's no pretense of “high art.” It's fun and engaging and—just like movements—relies on lots of people working together toward a shared vision. It models our capacity to build something larger than what any of us can do alone.