Danforth Livable Communities

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Ardis Brown


Danforth, Maine

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  • Food
  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

The Town of Danforth’s Livable Communities Committee (DLCC) is dedicated to creating programs and services that beneficially impact safety, housing, wellness, and transportation for all residents. Through a network of committed volunteers, outreach and support efforts, we encourage participation in social and civic activities that improve the quality of life for residents.  For those 50 and older, the programs and services will afford them a means to advocate for better living initiatives that will assist them to thrive while aging in place.  Danforth prides itself on being a welcoming and inclusive community.  Small and close-knit, residents express feeling accepted and supported as two of our communities values. The small town atmosphere, social nature, the ability to make lifelong friends, and community involvement by citizens of all ages, are what make our community special.