Dad Guild

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Keegan Albaugh


Burlington, Vermont

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

The transition into parenthood can be a challenging and isolating experience, one that is often characterized by high rates of mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. As a result, Dad Guild was formed in October of 2018 when a small group of fathers noticed a need for fatherhood support and community in Burlington, VT. Our organization believes that if fathers and non-birth partners are engaged in their parental roles, then children, families, and communities will experience healthier outcomes.Since our formation, Dad Guild has become Vermont's largest fatherhood-focused nonprofit organization, with a network of over 700 fathers of young children. We use a mlutifaceted approach for engaging fathers and nonbirth partners, by providing many avenues for participation and connection. To date, our organization runs 10 different programs and has developed and implemented over 500 hours of activities and events.For far too long, the responsibility for raising children has fallen on the shoulders of womxn in our society, and by creating opportunities for fathers and nonbirth partners to engage in their parenting roles, we are actively disrupting societal norms around gender roles. By creating a statewide network of father figures and implementing programs to support them, we are creating stronger, healthier communities.