Cultural Exchange Through Soccer (CETS)

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Laura Suroviak


Worcester, Massachusetts

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  • Living Economies

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Our Purpose

Cultural Exchange Through Soccer (CETS) is an organization of young leaders committed to building relationships that will improve lives individually and collectively in our beloved city of Worcester, MA. We started coming together to play soccer (futbol, football, etc) in 2003 as a way to unite a diverse neighborhood near Elm Park Community School.Early on, we learned that our youth were furthering their development beyond recreation- in volunteering opportunities, serving on event committees or our board, speaking with city government about causes that are important to Worcester's diverse immigrant communities, and so much more. In 2016, we defined our mission as part of a strategic planning effort: Through the playing, sharing, and teaching of soccer, CETS seeks to empower youth from diverse communities to become leaders who will improve Worcester. Our vision is a Worcester that is considerate and inclusive of its immigrant communities, with leadership reflective of all its people. CETS offers a variety of programs and opportunities that all work toward our mission to develop young leaders from diverse communities in Worcester: Skill Builders (ages 6-12); Youth Squad (ages 13-19); Youth Leaders (ages 13-25); EPIC Tournament and Youth Summer League (ages 13-19); Worcester World Cup; Women’s Group; Coalition for Worcester Soccer Fields; Youth Scholarships; and most recently, with support from the Grass Roots Fund, the Alumni Mentor Network.