Craftsbury Energy Committee

At A Glance


Kevin Gregoire


Craftsbury Common, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy

Active since:


Tax Status:


Core volunteers:


  • Window Insert construction, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Family of Window Insert recipients, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Financially-challenged firewood delivery in Crafstbury, Vt.
  • Window Insert Workshop, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Craftsbury, Vt. Window Insert Workshop

Our Purpose

The Craftsbury Energy Committee (CEC) was established to help guide the town and its citizens toward a more affordable and sustainable energy future. The CEC’s mission is to inform the community about different energy use options and to help households and the Town save money, reduce waste, and build more resilient and reliable energy systems. We achieve this through education, advocacy, outreach, and local and regional partnerships.One way we are actively pursuing our mission is through our current project, which focuses on making homes more energy-efficient through weatherization. This project also fosters community connections and strengthens ties among neighbors. Through our efforts, we strive to lead Craftsbury towards greater energy efficiency and a more connected community working toward a healthier planet.