Craftsbury Energy Committee

At A Glance


Kevin Gregoire


Craftsbury Common, Vermont

Primary Issue Area:

  • Climate Change & Energy

Active since:


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Core volunteers:


  • Window Insert construction, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Family of Window Insert recipients, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Family of Window Insert recipients, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Window Insert construction, Craftsbury, Vt.
  • Financially-challenged firewood delivery in Crafstbury, Vt.

Our Purpose

Established in 2009, the Craftsbury Energy Committee serves a vital community need. The CEC’s purpose is to help guide the town and its citizens into a more affordable and sustainable energy future. The CEC’s mission is to share with the community the ways we each can use and save energy in our daily lives and homes with minimal waste. We do this through education, advocacy, outreach, and local and regional partnerships.Energy use decisions are driven by many factors, including cost, availability, information, and habit. Decisions affect not just the decision-maker, but the household, community, region, and the world. To be clear, mitigating the effects of global warming will take the participation of every world citizen. We need to start somewhere and the CEC endeavors to lead Craftsbury’s citizens in ways they can reduce energy waste and build a more resilient and reliable energy system for themselves and their neighbors. This project fits into our goals of helping our neighbors weatherize their homes, thereby reducing energy burden and carbon emissions. The project also helps connect our community members with their neighbors and helps to create resiliency both practically and socially–the window inserts provide weatherization and the build workshop establishes and strengthens bonds with neighbors.