Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design, Inc.

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Staci Jasin


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Land & Water
  • Environmental Health
  • Living Economies
  • Food

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  • Person presenting a landscape design to a group of people
  • Youth drawing and speaking with a facilitator at a meeting
  • Person watering plants in a community garden in Roslindale
  • Large group of people around a table in a meeting
  • Group of 9 people outside facing each other in a circle
  • Boy holding radish in community garden
  • Gore Street Garden award with Mayor Wu
  • New Bedford Historical Society Opens Abolition Row Park
  • COGdesign's 2023 Project Collage

Our Purpose

COGdesign envisions a future where green and open spaces reflect place, history, and culture and promote the health and well being of all people. Since its founding in 1997, COG has lived this vision by providing accessible landscape design services to under-resourced communities in Greater Boston. We are committed to a community-focused, participatory design process that both democratizes design and expands equitable access to green spaces.The City of Boston’s Open Space and Recreation, Urban Forest, and Imagine Boston 2030 Plans highlight the need for accessible green space in environmental justice neighborhoods to benefit individual and planetary health. In the last seven years, COG has supported over fifteen acres, in increments of ⅛ to ½ acre, of green space for those populations historically burdened with disproportionate negative environmental conditions. With dense urban development and climate change affecting communities across the region, COG believes the need for our work is more important than ever. This 2024 Grow Grant request for Communicating Our Impact will allow COG to build on our 2022 Capacity Building grant. With a new Executive Director at the helm, a robust and thoughtful 3-year strategic plan just completed, a focused and strong Board, and streamlined internal systems, COG is positioned to move from planning to action, to leverage the momentum of our capacity building process and actualize the strategic plan.