Community Food Matters

At A Glance


Seal Rossignol


Norway, Maine

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food

Active since:


Tax Status:

  • Solidarity Gardens Transport
  • Solidarity Gardens Bed Building
  • Abbotts Farm Farmer Workskop
  • Bison Hill Farm Farmer Profile
  • Abbotts Farm Farmer Workshop 2

Our Purpose

The mission of Community Food Matters (CFM) is to cultivate community-wide collaboration that nurtures equity, health, and regeneration in our Western Foothills food system. This means fostering greater local production of healthy food, while making sure that it is accessible to all community members. Representatives from several local organizations as well as individuals working in food policy and procurement are members of CFM, Norway's local food council. CFM serves as a networking space for these organizations and individuals to share their work and support each other through cross marketing upcoming events and brainstorming solutions to shared problems, while also inviting other people working in the local food system to take part. CFM was founded in 2009 and since then has drafted a Community Food Charter and organized the Foothills Food Festival (pre-pandemic). CFM is also an active participant in the Maine Network of Community Food Councils which has served as a wonderful opportunity to connect with other food councils around the state, and organize at a greater scale, especially around state food policy.