Community Equitability Group

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Ellen Fine


Needham, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Food
  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Land & Water

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  • Jemy and Fairland Distributing Grow Bags
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  • Emma's Resiliency Gardens Community

Our Purpose

The Community Equitability Group (CEG) was founded during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We were concerned that our food needs were not being addressed by our local food pantry.  At first, we connected to discuss our apprehensions about food insecurity and access.In time, we focused on six major areas of concern: 1) food insecurity & access, 2)food sovereignty, including cultural, religous and health appropriate foods 3)economic disparity 4) health & well-being and 5)Climate & environment 6)tech access. Our first solution: The Resiliency Gardens Project was created to improve food security and access by growing organic food in our yards in raised beds. In the fall of 2020,we started to distribute CEG Food Bags which consists of organic produce donated by local farmers, supplemented by donations from grocery stores.Our CEG food bags focus on people experiencing food insecurity, living in public housing, recent refugees and others stuggling with inflated food prices.  We also support people experiencing medical and family emergencies. We pick up produce from local farms or farmer's markets and store, pack, and distribute 40- 60 CEG Food Bags, weekly. This also reduces food waste in our region. We model a concept, we call Community Equitability by incorporating a wide ranging sliding fee scale for our Resiliency Gardens Project garden beds. We are a community group founded on mutual aid principles engaged in just transistions.