Common Greens

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Sorrel Kunath


Carbondale, Illinois

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  • Food

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Our Purpose

To plan, construct, and maintain public green spaces, including greenways, reserves for urban wildlife, bike and footpaths, areas for relaxation and recreation, and community gardens. To plan, construct, and coordinate community gardens and offer urban gardeners support in the form of seeds, compost, gardening materials and equipment, funding, training, and educational programs. To offer educational workshops and lectures on the importance and benefits of public green spaces and community gardens and to teach the necessary methods and skills on how to optimize annual harvests, preserve, cook, sell, and successfully participate in localized sustainable urban agricultural systems. To measure the socio-economic impacts on resident’s lives, to measure ecological and environmental benefits/impacts through sociological and scientific studies and research, and to conduct research to determine what garden types produces the most yields and what maintenance strategies work best.