CLUBOH INC. (Community Leaders United By Overcoming Hardships)

At A Glance


Tyrone Ward


Springfield, Massachusetts

Primary Issue Area:

  • Living Economies
  • Environmental Health
  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Food

Active since:


Tax Status:

  • Duggan Academy Enrichment
  • Kennedy Academy Enrichment

Our Purpose

Here at CLUBOH INC, we are the epitome of a universal safe space for the development of self advocacy, resiliency, community engagement, camaraderie, leadership, unification, positive redirection and mentorship. We currently educate and provide training to youth, ages 11-21 in the Greater Springfield area and within the Springfield Public Schools. We've constructed a holistic approach to career development with an emphasis on bridging the gap between home and school by teaching essential life skills, and putting relatable BIPOC business owners, educators, and professionals in front of the youth. We accept all youth, meeting them where they are and, hope to provide positive, impactful and life changing experiences that guide them towards pathways of success. Our unique curriculum consist of units including job readiness, health and wellness, financial literacy, healthy relationships, entrepreneurship, business building, confidence building, art, music production, physical fitness and more.Our goal is to become a hub for several career driven services provided by inner city volunteers and adult mentors. The main focus of CLUBOH will be to instill positive redirection and mentorship to our less fortunate youth faced with adversity and guide them toward successful career paths, whether it be through college, occupations, career trades or entrepreneurship.