Cave Church

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Bruno D'Britto


Nashua, New Hampshire

Primary Issue Area:

  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to through the love of our Lord, help our community to find support for our youth and guide them to pay forward  and to become explampary citizens. We have one of the biggest youth groups in the latino community and I would like to expand our work with the youth to start educating them about our local environment by cleaning up our neighborhoods, provide environment health education to other children, help the elderly with yard clean-ups,  and help individuals with drug addiciton to help clean-up our community as a form of therapy, one of our main goals is to collaborate with other organizations to provide environmental health services to our community as a whole.Our goal is to purchase a van to bring our kids to these various activities mentioned above as well as providing through our youth program. We also want to partner with the United Way iniciative to provide rides to and from school to  kids in our community who do not have access to a school bus.