Canton Residents Toward an Equitable, Sustainable Future

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canton, Massachusetts

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  • Climate Change & Energy
  • Environmental Health

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to halt the climate crisis and support the rapid transition to an equitable, renewable energy economy that sustains all life… We began as a group of Canton residents organizing around our concern for our health, safety and planet as Enbridge (then Spectra) proposed and sought to build Access Northeast, one of their segmented high pressure fracked gas pipeline projects that would run directly through Canton. We joined forces with the organizing and activism of other environmental justice organizations and many other groups like ours across Massachusetts, to stop Access Northeast pipeline. Since that time, we have broadened our mission to play a role in halting the rapidly escallating climate crisis and mitigating it effects by promoting local public engagement through thoughtful action, education, organizing and agitation to help swell participation in the growing climate justice movements.  We stand with frontline communities and those most disparately and heavily impacted by climate change locally, nationally and globally. We seek collaboration with groups to rapidly transition to a renewable, resilient and equitable society and economy to sustain a livable environment.  We just initiated a plastic bag restriction resolution. Currently we are organizing a Canton greenfest forum with local/regional/national sustainable efforts featuring highschool students, solar, New Green Deal/Sunsise Movement, Weymouth Compressor Station fight.